Nepal Project – School Water Supply

Bahunstan, Dhading Province, Nepal

EWB – Albuquerque Professionals Chapter

The EWB Albuquerque team arrived in Kathmandu on May 4, 2009 and where warmly received by fellow assessment team member Laura Welland, who has done extensive work in Nepal. The EWB Albuquerque team consisted of two engineers and a hydrogeologist. The primary objective of the site assessment trip was to evaluate the existing situation with respect to water supply and sanitation and develop alternative water supply solutions and or system improvements that will provide reliable, safe water to the school and community of Bahunstan in Dhading District, Nepal.

The goals of the assessment were:

  • Establish a relationship with EWB-Kathmandu staff and Room to Read staff in Nepal
  • Work to facilitate the establishment of a Water Supply and Sanitation Committee
  • Assess the existing water supply and sanitation conditions
  • Determine the water needs of the community
  • Develop alternative water supply solutions
  • Collect data to enable the evaluation of the various alternatives
  • Research underlying health concerns

The results of the assessment were:

  • EWB Albuquerque established a good relationship with both EWB Kathmandu and Room to Read staff and will work to further both groups abilities to assist in assessment of additional communities and check ups on villages in progress, such as Bahunstan.
  • The village of Bahunstan has an existing water committee and EWB Albuquerque will attempt to keep open communication with them going forward.
  • The team determined water quality and quantity is good, with potential issues during the rainy season.
  • Water needs for the community are a combination of better management of existing water resources combined with leak repair and potential improvement of storage and rainy season treatment.
  • Alternative supplies are not necessary as water quantity, when properly managed, should be sufficient.
  • Data for both water quantity and quality were collected and used in concert with community wishes to outline the path forward.

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